First A Smile

From the mountains of northern India we found a sure way to bring one back to happy.
This photograph of a young monk in training, sits on our work desks
and whenever we need a smile all we have to do is look.
For you too, enjoy!
All that really matters is your "inner smile" which resides deep within your heart center.
We design with that in mind to give you a peaceful and joyous area in which to practice.

Three Sisters - The Magic Number

We are three sisters working together to design the best yoga gear for you. One sister is a devoted yogi and yoga teacher, the second is the creative force and the third is keeping us all in line.
Our brother is our manufacturer based in St. Louis, Missouri,
where we all grew up. We draw from his expert experience in
dye-sublimation and quality control.
Maria who has thirty years of fashion industry experience, worked for Ralph Lauren and Armani in Europe before launching her own label. She is back in Switzerland developing the GZ European business and teaching yoga and antigravity on the side.
Claire is a graphics designer, who received her BFA from Parsons School of Design and has worked at HOK architects in St. Louis, and freelanced as a graphics designer in Chicago and New York. She is based at our headquarters on the east coast.
Conchita has a head for business. Not only did she have the best grades in school (a voracious reader), she also drove marketing efforts for Anheuser-Busch, D'Arcy Advertising and Maritz.
These three talents of fashion, graphics and business are the magic combination for Gossamer Zen (GZ).

Our Designs

We travel the world and draw from our experiences. Our designs are inspired by the natural elements earth, water, fire, air, aether
as well as art and architecture.
We started our line following the yogi path of sanskrit terms, symbols and mythology which has evolved into what you see today.